Trouble with Traffic

Posted by Terry Wooley on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Under: Words By Terry
With all the traffic on the highway these days, you would think some folks would actually learn how to drive. There are just to many people who don’t pay attention
when they are behind the wheel.

Just today I was driving down the interstate when out of nowhere a big truck almost ran me over. Now if I hadn’t looked up from my cell phone when I did, I would have been the rear bumper on this 18 wheeler. It caused me to completely loose the text I had started. Now I had been working on this particular message for well over 20 miles, but thanks to this driver moving to the left lane to allow another driver to access the interstate from an on ramp, I would have to completely start this message all over again. I was furious, so I decided to try and chase him down to ask him about it. So I put down my cell phone, and folded up the papers I had been looking at to finish this message and immediately started the chase. He didn’t see me trying to flag him down, because he was to dang busy concentrating on the road and the other drivers to realize that someone was trying to get his attention. Oh now that he knows I’m keeping my eyes on the road he is driving responsibly, using his turn signals, being polite, driving courteous, and only driving around 63 mph in a 65 mph zone. Where was all this correct driving when I was putting my text message together. Someone could have been really hurt. I had just finished combing and fixing my hair in the mirror, and adjusting the volume and tone controls on the radio, and had almost completed the text in response to the phone calls I had just received when he appeared out of nowhere, just as I looked up. It could have been bad, someone could have been hurt…….

In all seriousness, someone could have been hurt, and more than likely the poor trucker would have been blamed, for the carelessness of someone behind the wheel, doing something other than driving, even though the trucker was following all the rules, and he wasn’t really the one to blame. It usually doesn’t matter because 9 out of 10 times it is automatically assumed it is the truckers fault.

In this hustle bustle world of ours, where everything has become so animated and automated, and fabricated, we spend entirely way to much time doing things in places that we shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Texting and driving is one, reading the paper, or a book, which I have actually witnessed people do, applying make-up, all definite short cuts to a bad situation.

I realize that in today’s society time is of the essence. Time is money. Time is something there is always not enough of. Between work, and the kids, and church and school, and the PTA, and other civic organization, and all the school sports, we as a group have spread ourselves way to thin to accommodate all of the things we volunteer ourselves into, and this all culminates and leads us to believe there is not enough time to do all the things we need to do. So we all try to compromise and multi-task all the while taking our own life and the lives of innocent folks in our own hands. The one thing we need to do is to take time to do those things elsewhere that would distract us when we are behind the wheel of any moving vehicle.

Simply put if we do not take the time to do those things, then there is a good possibility that all those distractions could quite possibly cause us and others to run out of time altogether.

Terry Wooley

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