The whole truth and nothing but the Cyber-truth

Posted by Terry Wooley on Monday, April 18, 2011 Under: Words By Terry
I woke up this morning to the sound of a cell phone beep, alerting me to the fact that I had an e-mail telling me that my on-line farm that I had worked on for so many hours, cultivating, planting, harvesting, decorating all while seated at my desk slaving over my keyboard had been repossessed because I had failed to make my imaginary payment to the off-shore cyberspace banker in charge of controlling all internet properties.

I lost it all. The golden chicken that lays the beautifully colored eggs, the make believe herd of elephants, giraffes, buffalo’s and sheep’s, goats and pigs, that I had so meticulously groomed and cared for, the Christmas decorations that were so generously given to me by all of the caring and loving neighbors of this cyber community. And every single piece of on-line machinery that I owned. They even took the feather collection, I had worked so hard to acquire.

I am quite sure they don’t realize the many hours that I wasted, I mean spent slaving over this vast make believe property that I had. I gave up a lot of things to accumulate all of these possessions and I had just lost them in the blink of an eye. I gave up ballgames with the kids, because I had crops ready to be harvested, I gave up time with friends, because the cows needed to be milked. I gave up family outings because the fruit on the trees needed to be picked. I spent late nights and early mornings trying to capture those extra gifts that all my friends were giving away. I lost the relationship I had with all my friends and family, I missed seeing many things the kids did, that I will never recapture, all for what. And that is my question.

Why would I or anyone else want to waste what very little precious time the Lord has given us here on earth, on a game that really has no meaning, accomplishes no goals, creates no benefit, and in no way helps any of our fellow man. Don’t get me wrong I have had some stupid moments and even briefly attempted the game. But now when I have a stupid moment it usually winds up being a song. And even though I have many great serious songs, I also have a few stupid ones. But those are written in hopes of making someone laugh or smile, and enjoy a few minutes in this rough and rocky world of ours.

To those that play all the games, if it makes you smile or brings a little joy to you and others, then by all means continue to play, but please don’t allow it to be at the expense of your children your family or your friends. Those are things you can never get back, some moments are moments you can never relive.

And if you still feel the urge to cyber farm, or cyber zoo, or have a cyber war, then grab another user name, and start it again. But you can’t have a cyber life with the kids and the cyber wife, or can you…. Well maybe you can so I’m going to take my cyber butt into cyberspace and write another cyber song. And you can decide is it real or not….

Terry Wooley

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