1st Annual Trucker Charity, Inc. Scholarship Convoy and Truck Show

June 21, 2014

Eddie’s Travel Center

                                                                            9810 Perrin Rd                         Exit 23: Eastbound at Ill. 4 

Mascoutah, Illinois  62258

Trucker Charity, Inc. is fulfilling our mission to provide a better educated driver and public.

We are in the process of developing a scholarship program to help those that want to get into the trucking industry to benefit themselves, their families as well as the industry.

We want to offer these scholarships to those: 

Who want to go to school but don’t have the money for their expenses while they are in school. 

Or if they have exhausted all their resources of funding for other areas but have not been able to find gainful employment so they want to go to school to become a truck driver so they can obtain a living, but have no money for school.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Or if they don’t want to narrow their employment opportunities by going through a school for a specific company.

Please help us achieve this goal and join our Convoy.



1st Annual Trucker Charity, Inc. Scholarship Convoy and Truck Show


June 21, 2014

Schedule of Events

Friday June 20, 2014                   Early Registration                         4PM to 8PM

Saturday June 21, 2014              Registration                                                7AM to 8:30 Am

                                                            Drivers Meeting                            9:00 AM

Announcements of Line up. Placement to be determined as

            1st Truck        Highest Corporate or Company Sponsored Truck

            2nd Truck       Highest Personal Sponsored Truck

            3rd Truck      2nd Highest Sponsorship

            4th Truck       3rd Highest Sponsorship

            5th Truck       4th Highest Sponsorship 

                                           Invocation                                                                                                  10:00 AM

                                                                Isaac Bland Trucker Charity, Inc. Minister
                                                                Anthem Sung By Terry Wooley

 Convoy Lineup                                                                                           10:30 AM

Convoy to Leave Eddie’s Truck Stop                                                   11:00 AM

Convoy return to Eddie’s                                                                       12:30 PM

Terry Wooley Preformance

Truck Show Lineup and Judging                                                           1:30 PM

                       Radio Show                                                                                                 2:00PM til 5:00 PM

All Awards Ceremony                                                                            3:00 PM