Every now and then we receive letters of thank you from drivers or their families. 

 Clayyton Clintwood Va.

Reply by clayyton on December 19, 2008 at 12:53pm

omg you guys don't know how much this is going to help my wife and i we're just discussing what we we're going to do becasuse she had to call in for work today for the 3rd time because we have a quarter inch of ice on the interstate it is so touching to know people do care and this will help so so much buy food pay bills i never had been in this position before and am humbled by the help thank you so much when maria called to let us know my wife just sat on the couch and cried it was such a relief thank you again so much


Charles Pina of Hillsdale Mi.

i just wanted to thank everyone who helped orginize this and the ones who donated money and time to make this a better x mas for my family and the others that were helped thks from the bottom of my hart charles pina



Kevin L. of Lilly Ky.

hey beautiful folks:~

I had no clue that I was being considered for the christmas fund- as I thought that were more deserving folks than me.
I am winner number 5. and I just received my FEX-EX package over here in lily...KY. one thing though...how come they had to be WAL-MART debit vcards? they cost $8.94 apiece! maybe the verification aspects of those card kinda won out here...

its true, eldon found me working like a dirt farmer under the shade trees but- hey ya gotta do want you need to do.
I DO have a barn ya know...with a new roof i put over it two years ago.

I'm sending the other card to my sis in 
cali. I'm sure she will be thrilled about the generosity of you folks. BTW, my only other brother needs mentioning here- he's in NO LA and he has a CDL w/ haz-mat and a family and no job. maybe he needed it a bit more than I do. I also talked him into joining this website...he's under his real name david lyall.

thanks so very much from all of you folks.

2009 is gonna be an interesting year, to say the least!
Kevin L.

The Arrow Trucking fiasco right before Christmas prompted the Christmas Group to branch off into other areas and become a full time year around Trucker Charity.

Thanks to Truckers Charity!!!!! These people were OUTSTANDING to my wife and I!! After refusing to load a unsafe trailer that myself and DOT had placed out of service, I was fired from my job, and the company kept my last paycheck. The wonderful folks at TRUCKERS CHARITY Lance his wonderful wife, and Ken, all pulled together to get me and my wife all the way from Grand Island, NE back home to Tampa, FL. It is such a nice thought to know someone is there to stand with the driver. I have been driving for 28 years, and I guess you would say there is a first time for everything, I can not belive that a company would try to force a driver to break the law, but the one I was working for tried just that. But thank GOD the Truckers Charity was there to back me up and was able to get my wife and I home, furnished us with all kinds of helpful information, and just a GREAT HELP all around. The combined knowledge of Lance his wife and Ken helped us through a really bad situation. We hope to soon be able to make a example of companies like this and to be able to donate to this charity!!!! Again THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING CHRIS AND KATHI HUFF And I would also like to thank all my wonderful co employees for helping us out with motel and financial assistance: Janie, Donald and his wife, Dale and son Kevin, and John Williams our former fellow drivers and dear friends. TRUCKERS HELPING OTHER TRUCKERS WHAT A GREAT CONCEPT LANCE!!!!!

Chris and Kathi Huff  

Lance and Ken has helped me and my wife Diane as we were let go from a faulty company that was in trouble with dot out in Reno, NV.. Truman"s excuse was that they needed to service the reefer unit we were pulling for lds. My wife and I talk among ourselves we have great communication together and we try to pass it on to other drivers as well. OOIDA was the wonderful people that gave us the phone number to truckers helping truckers,well that was a dead end for us.so Diane my wife called ooida back and the lady there was nice enough to give us the number to truckercharity.com/we asked god to please find someone to help us get back to Portland, Oregon,where we lived,thats when we first talked with ken and then lance wood. as gods blessing in talking to these two wonderful people have changed our lives forever. Ken and Lance Wood pulled together and got us back home to Portland, Oregon where we have lived for 10 years. What a way to go Lance, Ken and the rest of trucker charity .com. you guys are in our prayers now and forever. 


 Frank & Diane wilcox  

 Excerpt from nomination form:

she does not have much to her name she is now living with her parents she is single/in her early 30s she has driven
OTR but is currently out of work she lost a baby boy at birth a couple of months ago.

A message from robert smith 

I couldn't leave this unsaid, Robert.

"first off i am sorry its taken me so long to get this posted but the truth is posting the pictures is easy the hard part is i know what i want to say but i dont know how to put it in writing so here goes when we started this last christmas i gave and nominated my sister-in-law (she was # 9 in the final results) when maggie called me to tell me gloria had been selected i was floored i guess i never really expected something like that to happen from a nomination i made here well then i had to call gloria and tell her what i had done she was speechless but as i talked to her over the next few days she told me what she was going to do with her money for her it was finally a way to put a head stone on the grave of the son she lost at birth a few months earlier she put part of it toward

his funeral expense and the rest went towards a head stone it was not enough to cover it all but the point is this group made it happen (i made up most of the difference myself- until now no one but me and gloria knew that ) when the family got together on christmas eve most did not know about this yet and she ask me to stand up and tell them about it this is one of the most meaningful things i have ever been connected to i have never got to hear the conference call where the commitee talked to the winners but i was told there were several tears shed when she got her turn to talk and that the commitee wanted to see pictures that they might want to use her story and pictures to promote the 2010 collections so here you are i have lots of pictures or if any one just wants more details just ask i will post the pictures for all to see and THANKS to all who helped and THANKS for doing what you do" robby smith


Message from Gloria Vess:

Hey to all who have helped. My name is Gloria and I am very happy and apprecitive to what all of you have done and sent to help me. My sons name was Dustin Wyatt Vess and I have hided more than what people have noticed. I do have good days and bad still, but since I got the call telling me that I was getting this help things have looked a lil brighter. He was suppose to have been here for christmas this year so it has been hard but with everyone's help it is getting a lil better. With tomorrow being Christmas I plan on visiting with him. I was so excited about him being here for christmas and now he's not that I still had to get him a tree! I got a small one and put lil baby ornaments on it and put it with him, and I hope to put it there every year that I can with a lil something new on it! But I just really want to express how much I appreciate what all of you have done! I never expected anything like that to happen to me! I hope to one day be able to join my fellow truckers otr again someday. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! God Bless all! Gloria Vess aka Dixxie Cupps