Mark Lowthorp and the Trucker Charity AM Coach bus was at the Iowa 80 Trucker Jamboree this week. He had a lot of fun meeting a lot of new people, giving away freebies and getting the word out about who we are and what we do . Thanks Mark for doing what you do.  Here are some of the pictures taken at Iowa 80. 

 We are a group who have decided to devote our lives to helping truckers and all that go with them who have fallen on hard times. This could include the mechanics, waitresses, dock workers and so on. We all make this world move.

The mission of Trucker Charity, is to assist those in the trucking industry in need. We will do this financially, and with education. Our life coach and mentoring programs will work with those that need help one on one. We will raise money to help support people in the trucking industry who are in need and luck has passed them by. Including mechanics, truckers and their families and all jobs related to the trucking industry. We will be good stewards of peoples money and help our industry prosper with support and education.

 If you are in emergency need. Please fill out the Application For Assistance and call. We require this for all assistance. If you are unable to fill one out please call and we will try to assist you in filling one out over the phone. 888-523-0087

Please note we do not assist in medical needs or effects caused by medical problems other then transportation home when available. We are also not able to help in legal fees or mechanical issues ie truck repairs at this time.

 The ONLY assistance we can offer at this time is emergency food, lodging, transportation home and life coaching, this is not by choice but necessity in these hard times.  We can how ever offer you help in reaching the resources needed in your local areas.

Our Life Coaches will work with you if your interested in life coaching. We will work with you as a road friend, not a counselor.

  We are seeking volunteers for fund drives, recruitment drives, manning kiosks and filling out applications on line. We need active volunteers bad. Very bad. We have some great things planned and need great folks that can give us their time to help. If you are interested in assisting a good cause. Please fill out the Volunteers form here.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation please go to the donations page. We are in desperate need right now for your donations and your time.