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Desk of Lance Wood, President

It looks like the Pilot Bill of Rights 2 is going to pass and needs to in my opinion. I never knew much about his stuff until I got my FAA certification. The Pilots Bill of Rights 1is probably one of the only things Obama has signed into law I agree with. I have been against most of the “Truckers Bill of Rights” that some have pushed because they do not seem to really represent a change in government enforcement but seek change in normal competitive practice and parking. Two things I do not want the government involved in.

There are very few Pilots in the USA compared to Truck drivers. 600,000 pilots counting all types from students to commercial pilots in the USA and 900,000 in the world. Compared to 3.5-8.7 million CDL drivers in the USA. The membership based organizations that represent pilots like the EAA and the AOPA are very active at representing legislative change for their members. More pilots also seem to get involved in these types of organizations. Pilots are more active then truck drivers in protecting their rights. I my opinion we should look to change this as truckers. I am not sure if this is because of the cost of earning the pilots certification is so much more then a CDL so many be they feel its worth fighting to protect or what.

Just look at the AOPA. That is the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. They are basically the OOIDA of pilots. With 600,000 pilots in the USA and 900,000 in the world. They have active membership of 384,915 pilots. You have to be a pilot or engaged in the aviation field to join. The EAA The Experimental Aircraft Association has 180,000 members. I am a life time member of OOIDA for trucking. Yet, it seem we struggle to keep 180,000 members there and anyone can join. This seem sad to me. Think about that. 42% of pilots belong to the AOPA who represents pilots in protecting their rights and privileges of flying. Yet, only 2% of truck drivers are members of OOIDA.

Now do I agree with everything the AOPA and OOIDA do. Nope, not at all. I do agree with more then I don’t. I also call and let them know when I do not agree with something they are doing. There is power in numbers when it comes to lobbying for any industry or group. Its really easy to just sit back and complain about things . Its also really easy to be involved in an organization that lobby’s. For the general welfare of a group. Please take some time and consider if joining OOIDA maybe beneficial to you and your driving career.

Now, back to the subject at hand. The Pilots Bill of Rights. This was signed into law by President Obama in 2012. Its basically a contract with the FAA and the pilots. I would be interested in what others would think about a Truckers Bill of Rights similar to this model.

Here are some of the very simple highlights of the Pilot Bill Of Rights.

So if the FAA is going to investigate a pilot. They have to notify the Pilot in writing that they are investigating them, what they are investigating them for. They have to do this 30 days in advance. The Pilot also has the right to get ALL evidence the FAA has on the investigation. Everything from complaints from an employer, other pilots, even all air traffic control recordings, documents and so forth. Before any enforcement decisions are made. The Pilot then has the right to present any evidence they have to a court to make a ruling. It even changed the way the Medical Certification is done across the board for the Airman’s Medical Certificate.

Why do we not have this as truckers? Under Map-21 the FMCSA was given the ability to not only investigate you, but also suspend your commercial driving ability. They can deem you a hazard. With out you even knowing they have investigated you. You get no chance to review the information and no chance to prove your innocence in front of a court. The FMCSA can basically take you license, income and career with little to no ability to stop them. Not to mention the DOT medical evaluation process. Each DOT doctor seems to have their own idea of what is good and what is not.

The Pilots Bill of Rights 2 that is now in the works and looking to get a lot of support and expected to pass under this congress. Will correct some of the issues that pilots bill of rights 1 missed. Like allowing an airmen to work with their private physician to correct any medical issue BEFORE losing their airmen medical certificate. When you lose your airman’s medical certification. You basically lose your Pilots Certificate as they are liked together.

“AOPA praised yesterday’s action, saying the committee’s approval brings the third-class medical reform one step closer. “Bringing the legislation this far has required persistence and compromise in order to get the very best possible deal for pilots while winning the support needed to keep medical reform on the table,” said AOPA president Mark Baker. “This legislation moves the responsibility for managing many health issues out of the FAA’s bureaucracy and puts it in the hands of pilots where it belongs. The Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2 frees pilots to work with their personal physicians to manage their own health, wellness and fitness to fly.”

To me a Truckers Bill of Rights covering these types of situations would get good support from the general trucking community. Verses the Truckers Bill of Rights that some have tried to float that includes removing the competition in rates. Violating personal property rights by requiring a customer to allow parking and so many other crazy ideas.

I would love to hear your comments and ideas. I am sure trucking organizations would as well.


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Chris Huckleberry
September 23 at 5:15pm
I drive for Kennesaw Transportation out of Rydal Georgia and had my elderly mother riding with me for several trips in the summer. I want to thank Trucker Charity and Mark for helping me when my mother had a massive stroke in the Chicago area. She was unconscious and unresponsive. Mark came in the Trucker Charity bus and took myself and my mother back to Georgia. Sadly, a few weeks after returning to Georgia, my mother passed away. When I called, needing help to get my mother home, Trucker Charity immediately jumped in to help and asked for nothing in return.. what a wonderful bunch of people. I would like to ask everyone for their prayers and donations to Trucker Charity. Thanks for everything Mark and everyone, for your help and your compassion.

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Just Thinking!

  1. : I really have to ask. Why is it ok for a driver, small and medium fleets to get all worked up about federal regulations that they could have been active years ago to form. Many such folks actually supported Map-21. They did it because they were told to call and support 1 part of it. One simple Jaw that would provide a study into truck parking Like the one we had in 1998. History repeats it self. With all the support and the drive to support this one law you also supported EOBRS and Mandated speed limiters. Always check out the BILL you look to support. Read it your self. Never believe anything you are told and half of what you see.
  2. : Now, we have folks trying to change a law that has been signed by congress for EOBRS. Its a complete waste of time. 100% zero waste. These people should be ashamed of them self for wasting your time. As there is no bill proposed right now to prevent it. Its a signed law.
  3. : The really sad thing. For a group that wants the government to stay out of trucking. We sure do seem to want them evolved a lot.
  4. : Let me get this right. We do not want hours of service regulations that hundreds of thousands of truckers commented on and got changed. We do not want increased insurance and very few truckers par took in the comment period. We do not want them to set the mandated per Map-21 speed limit restrictions. Yet, we want a federal mandate for CDL training. We want to socialize trucker training. Take away states powers. I guess this makes sense as with Map-21 we allowed the federal government to shut down drivers. We gave them a HUGE power to over ride the states rights.
  5. : Be careful what you ask for and who you choose to support. Way to many small and medium sized companies out there making policy for them self.
  6. : Please remember thousands of truckers were asked to support 1 part of Map-21. Many commented. Its all in the Federal Register. We the trucking community ASKED for these current laws. Now, some want the government to make more with a training standard. How so these people sleep at night? Dang two faced minority owned plagiarists. I have no use for them.
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What's Happening Today

  1. : Lance Wood
  2. : So here is what is on deck with my flying. Going to the airport at 9am to fly with my instructor today. We are going to go over some of the very first flying obstacles. Like flying over a fixed object. Basically flying in a circle and keeping it at your wing tip the entire time. For 8 minuets. This freaks the pot growers out big time. Flying over a fixed line. Basically doing an S formation over a road way. Truckers think its a speed trap. Cross wind landings. Landing with a wind against the plane. Verses how you want to land and take off into the wind. Some time air ports do not have run ways that favor the wind and you have to land. We should have easy 9 mph wind with 14 mph gust tomorrow. Should be great.
  3. : Monday, I plan to fly solo and do these by my self. For a few hours. I may even take a quick lunch break in Bloomington. They have a free brand new Lincoln for Pilots to use for lunch.
  4. : Tuesday we are not sure. I may finish up my solo time or fly with the instructor a bit. I am filling the rest of my required time to test and then will fly 3 hours with a secondary flight instructor that will sign me off to take my test. Its a pass or fail. Test. The same tester can not test you twice. Its $350-$900 each time you take the test with the FAA tester.
  5. : It takes half the day. Its a verbal. If you pass that you take the visual ground inspection. Pass that then you take the 3 hour test flight test.
  6. : Pass all that I can haul passengers! I can fly by my self now, but carrying passengers is kind of a big thing and make flying so much more enjoyable.
  7. : Folks I am stocked! Thanks for all the support. I have been kind of shocked at how many actually read this crap and care. I have had calls and ran into folks on the road that seemed more excited then I have been about this process. Thanks. I share this info in-case anyone else wants to do it or just has interest in the process. This last year I have met huge mega business mogles to normal stock boys that are pilots. I work with a safety manager and 4 Wal-Mart drivers that are pilots just at my DC. The owner of the local beer store has two planes, the farmers that have their private pilots certificate is amazing. The private Pilot certificate equalizes everyone. I have been shocked how welcoming pilots are. Unlike in trucking. In trucking its like a 50/50. Half the folks want to see new drivers get into the field the other half see them as a threat. That is not the case with being a pilot. Its not just the other pilots. Everything from airport managers, fuel personal and ground support to even the mechanics if they have their certificate welcome you. They damn near roll out the carpet for ya.
  8. : I did not really understand all this until I seen the numbers. Under 211,000 Private Pilots in the USA. There are 594245 total certified pilots in the USA Commercial and Private. Of the 211,000 Private Pilots ½ of them are are worthy or have a current medical. That leaves 105,000. Its a tight nit group.
  9. : At the EAA even in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The worlds largest airshow. 85% of the WORLDS Private Pilots showed up. Its the MATS of Air shows.
  10. : All I know is I love to fly. Its challenging. You have to plan. Its actually rather easy and simple. Just like truck driving. Kind of amazing how you never hear pilots complain of a parking problem. You never leave with out knowing the 3 places you can land. Just like any professional truck driver should be doing.
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Lance's Thoughts

With the Independence holiday coming fast on us. I would like to thank each of those who serve this great country each and every day. The military and their family’s are number one on this list. Yet, all those that serve are thanked as well. The waitresses that work all the shifts to feed hungry truckers, police, emergency workers and traveling families. The railroad workers working no matter what the conditions to deliver the hundreds of loads. The parking lot sweeper driver that sucks up the nails, screws and bolts that can damage our truck tires. The farmers for growing all the great food we eat. The line workers for working in blizzards to provide us power to not only pump our fuel, but so fuel can be made. Lets not forget the emergency room workers. Not just the doctors, all those that support the system. The police, fire and tow truck operators that show up in the worst weather to help. The truck stop workers that even on Christmas Day come to work to serve their customers. The list is long. We all offer something to the overall sprocket that drives this chain called a country.

While some will be spending time with the family or friends this holiday. Many will not. I would like to stress the importance for us truck drivers to take; me time. Its really easy to go trucking for weeks or months straight. If you have a family at home you normally want to provide and that is understand Yet, even if you are a single person. You really need to consider me time. Spending a month at time out on the road living pay check to paycheck. Is not a life. It may seem like one, but where are you going? Many forget that we work to live not live to work. We go to work. Do our jobs safe and well so we can get paid to have a life out side of work. Maybe its have a home with the family, maybe its having a nice fishing boat, a gold mine, flying, having a show car or truck. Anything that is rewarding.

Its so easy to get wrapped up in the drive to earn money and just sped that money and basically eating it that many truckers will put 20 years over the road and have literally nothing. No paid for home, no retirement, no actually close friends, no prizes or relaxation for their hard work and dedication.

Many are shocked when they start taking a few days a year for them self or their family how much their mood changes. It very much can be the difference between happiness or depression and anger.

I recently had a client that I was life coaching that was the stereo-typical trucker. He was single, living pay check to paycheck, yet earning $62k a year as a company driver. The only friends he had were the folks he knew that drive trucks. No girlfriend. Parents are gone. His sister and he talked 2 times a year.
We talked for about a month. 1-2 times a week. He mentioned how he had to slow down as he was going to take his vacation pay and if he ran hard and got the pay it would mostly go to taxes. This got us to talking. He has been in a crappy and kind of doom and gloom mood in the month of talking to him. I asked why he dosnt just take a vacation and relax. I got the normal. Where would I go, I live in the truck, I have no money, I cant afford the week off and all the EXCUSES people make to not take me time. I explained that he would not lose any money as its a paid week off. He then pointed out that he has really no one to enjoy it with. That is a reason he used to live as a hermit and do nothing but work. I asked him what he enjoys doing. He had no real interests. He did say he was interested in leaving the country. Turns out he even had a passport. He was going to go visit some mail order bride in Russia, but that fell threw. This guys attitude was one that you could tell he wanted to talk about this and needed to get out of that truck soon. If not for his sanity, for the public’s safety.

To make a very long story short. He called me this am. He just got back home to his sisters house where he planned to spend 2 days after taking a 5 day 4 night singles cruise to the Bahamas. He sounded GREAT! (Think Tony The Tiger). He was very happy and full of life. He was also thankful. He said he spent more then he had planned. He had $800 set aside after the cruise cost of $400.00. He spent an extra $500 on his credit cards getting himself a tatoo, buying gifts for his sister and her son and extras with his new friend. His sister gave him a ride the 80 miles to the port and also let him park. his bobtail at her house. He saved $250.00 as he choose to bunk with a single straight man. This guy and he turned out to be a lot alike. They basically built a kinship. He said the first day was odd, but after that night they both found them self seeking the same thing and both kind of lost. They basically went lady hunting together and he said they hung out the entire time and helped each other back them selves up. They would go to meals together and would go sit at tables with two other ladies. Remember this is a singles cruise.

It felt great to hear the relaxation in his voice and the plans he has for the future. He is already planning to go on more singles tours and vacations with his new friend. He also got to spend time with his sister and she seemed to support his me time.

Do you take me time? I typically do a few times a year. Normally with my wife and friends. A few times a year my wife and I take mini vacations. I also take me time with my best friends out camping. No cell phones and no trucks. It sure is relaxing. Nothing but, ATV’s, coolers, fishing poles and firewood.

Life is much shorter then many think. It sneaks up on you fast. Work hard, save and play. It will keep you happy and young.vir

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Almost Home

Posted by Truckers Helping on Saturday, August 3, 2013 Under: "Last Ride Home"

Trucker Charity Inc shared Kerry Mullins's status.

July 29.

In 74 miles Raymond will finally be with his family and friends. It's been a wild ride for him but we truly believe it worked out exactly the way he wanted it to. Now of all things one of his best friends just happens to be unloading in Columbia, Mo. At the very highway I was jumping off on. He's sitting at Sam's Club and Sam's Club has offered to switch the flag and sign to his truck. Ingrid and I are blessed and very honored to have been able to get our fallen brother home to his family. It was a team effort and for all those involved.... JOB WELL DONE¹

David Stewart Thanks for all the people who donated money and time. You all are awesome.

Lane Meadows You people are just AWESOME! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

 The Transfer for final leg.

In : "Last Ride Home" 

What's Happening

From the Desk of Lance Wood  President of Trucker Charity, Inc.

My time as an uber driver.

A few weeks ago we found interest in the opportunity for people to work as an Uber driver. This can be an opportunity for people to earn income part time or full time. Maybe a stay at home spouse or a driver that is out of work or laid off for some time. Here is what Uber is and what it takes.

Uber is a ride sharing application. Basically people use their cell phone to request a ride from someone. You simply use your vehicle as a cab.

We wanted to check this system out before we recommend it to people. We get many folks that call Trucker Charity Inc that can not find a decent truck driving job because of to many CSA point or medical issues. So we tested the entire system from onbording, giving rides, taking rides, getting paid and also interviewed many of the people we gave rides to.


You sign up to be an Uber driver or what is called a partner by downloading the Uber partner application or doing it on line from a computer. You also will need to provide banking information as Uber direct deposits your pay every week. If you do not have a cell phone then Uber will rent you an I Phone for $10.00 a week. It is very simple. Amazingly simple in fact. You fill out a simple application that includes you drivers license and social security number so they can do back ground checks on you. You submit your vehicles information. Including just taking a picture of the insurance card. You also submit pictures of your vehicle and your self. If doing this from your phone it takes all of 5 mins. You also will be only allowed to drive in the market you signed up for. As each market has different rules and laws. We signed up for the Metro East St. Louis area and Indianapolis. The Metro East St Louis gave us from the Mississippi river to Salem Illinois. About 60 miles.

You have to have a 2005 or newer 4 door vehicle in good repair.

It takes about 3 days for Uber to do all the background checks. They do about 4 different ones. They even email you the background checks so you can have them for your own records.

The training is really rather simple and kind of lacking in my opinion, but really how hard is it to pick up people and take them where they want to go?

You watch a 5 min video that explains how Uber works and that is about it.

How It Works.

Uber is a application. There are really 3 parts. There is the Partner (driver). There is the rider. Then there is the system.

So lets say you are the rider. You just get off the train and need to go to the hotel. You take you phone. Start the Uber ap. You place a pin to say you need picked up. The system is so exact that it knows the address you are at because of the GPS in your phone. You can enter your destination if you like. The closest Uber partner that has put them self online will get a notification. The GPS in the phone knows the closets available Partner. They get 15 seconds to accept the trip. If they do not. It then goes to the next closest Partner and so on.

When the partner accepts the trip. They are given the riders name, their face picture and phone number. You can text them is you like. They also get the partners face picture as well as a picture of the vehicle and how far away you are.

Uber is a cashless system. This is great as you do not have to carry cash or risk not getting paid. All the riders are verified just like the partners. They have a card on file and the payment is done instantly at the completion of the trip.

My very first Uber partner experience went like this.

I put my self online on a Sunday Night. I was planning on going to a college town about 15 miles from our Office in Illinois. I figured I would take the interstate. I was not online for more the 3 mins and got a rider notification. I accepted. Not really knowing what I was to do. Once I accepted It game me all the details I needed. Address for the Hilton Hotel 3 miles away. I hit navigate and it took me right there.
I texted the rider I would be there in 5 mins. He texted back he would need 10 mins. I pulled up to the Hilton and started the trip as the pay includes .25 a min for waiting. In a few mins two men in suits came up and said Lance? I jumped out and opened the door for them. The guy said I put in an address for my house, but we changed out mind we would like to go get a good drink first. No problem, they told me a bar they wanted to go to and they knew how to get there. Yet, they both smelled of booze so I googled the bar and let the system navigate me there.

I explained to these two that this was my first trip and to bare with me. I also explained to them why I was doing this. One of the guys was DOD worker in Washington DC the other A DOJ worker that lives in the area but works in Washington DC. Both said they prefer Uber over Taxis as it MUCH SAFER and quicker for them. They say they use Uber a few times a week each in their jobs traveling. One of the guys asked me I I happen to have any mints. I said I sure do and gave them both two. I took them like 2 miles away. Ended the trip. Got my conformation that I was paid about 10 bucks. I rated the rider 5 stars and he instantly did the same thing. Got the notification of how much it cost and he rated the driver. It went so smooth. I purposely bought mints and bottled water.

I did about 4 more trips that night. All went great. All the riders were very polite, most were drunk yet it was late night when I was out. I planned on giving people rides when the bars closed.

The next day While out running around I put my self online again just for giggles. After about 5 mins I get a ride request. I hit navigate and the place is only 2 miles away. The rider did not enter a destination, Yet, I really can care less. My phone rings and its Scott. Scott says he entered the wrong pick up address and he game me the right house number. No big deal. I show up and Two men in their 30’s I open the door for them. Jump in ask if they would like a bottle of water. They both said yes. I started the trip and asked where are we going. The both said Bush Stadium. Ok cool a 15 mile trip to St Louis. These two preferred to tall to them selves. I could not help but hear there stories of the women they have been with. The women they like and even their companies finances. On the way I noticed a sign that said Popular street bridge was backed up. I explained I was going to take a different rought that would save time. This is when our conversation started. The one guy asked me how long I had been an Uber driver. I explained it was my second day and why I was doing this. They were both interested in our Charity and the opportunity this may be for some to help them self.

I found out that both of these men use Uber daily. One is a Marketing Manager for a large healthcare company in St. Louis. He travels 5 days a week. The other guy lost his license to a medical reason. He can not drive. Both said they earn over $250,000 a year each. When I explained I wanted to make sure this is safe for the drivers. I was told they both like it because its safe for the riders. When getting a taxi they have no clue what or who is coming to get them. With Uber they know exactly who and in what is coming. They also like that the driver is rated. These two were going to a Cardinals Baseball game. They said Uber is better then a taxi for this or taking the Red Birds Bus that is only 2 bucks. They get a private ride that can drop them off right where they want to be at the stadium verses having to walk a mile. I literally stopped for under 10 seconds closed the trip rated them and let them out right at the gates to the ball field.

I met some other interesting people as well. One was a male prostitute going to the truck stop for a prearranged “date”. This guy told me that there is an ap for protitutes and customers like Uber.

The Pay.

Well it works out to about $30.00 an hour. Now, that dosnt mean there is always riders. Unlike taxis Uber is based on supply and demand. While there are base rates of .25 a min and 1.55 a mile. Those rates go up at peak times. The system will show you on your phone the peak areas. Say there is a concert. There will be more riders then drivers. So the system raises the rates to bring more drivers to that area. I did not hit any peak rates in either Metro East St. Louis or Indianapolis. I did all my driving Basically during the week. The weekends would be far better. People use uber when they do not want or can not drive. So when they are out drinking, going to events or bad weather.

Riders can tip, yet they do not have to. There is a 20% tip already built in. Yet, simple things like a really clean vehicle, bottles of water, mints and opening the door. People will rate you high and also tip extra or in cash if they want.

Uber pays out weekly direct deposit.


Uber provides 1 million in accident insurance to the riders. Depending on the area you are in depends on what insurance requirements are. In most places just standard liability auto insurance is all that is needed.

How often.

As an Uber Partner you work when you want to. Yet, You are required to do at least 1 trip every 30 days.

Over all rating.

I find Uber to be a safe and profitable line for those who have or can get a 4 door 2005 and newer vehicle. I had a ton of fun and will keep doing it on my off time. Its also a great way to offset the costs of running errons. I find it relaxing to Uber. Kind of like meditation. Yet, I am a people person and enjoy this kind of thing. I would feel perfectly safe having my wife be an Uber driver or rider. My wife currently is now an Uber driver. If a trucker had to come off the road for some reason yet still wanted or needed to work. This is a very good option if the person lives in or close to a city.

Uber is also a great way for us truckers to go out and do things on a layover. You can have an Uber driver pick you up right at your truck. Go out in the city, maybe get a part for your truck or see a movie

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About Freight Rates  West Coast Backlog
 New Markets Emerge  Don’t Get Beat on Price  DAT RateView for Carriers 6 Ways Low Fuel Prices Affect Carriers
By Ralph Galantine, Product Manager, DAT Solutions Springtime freight is coming on strong, and rates are climbing. We’re starting to see more of the seasonal trends we’re used to, but freight rates from DAT RateView show that van rates (including fuel surcharge) on the spot market for February were down 5.1% compared to a year ago. As a national average, that equates to about a 10¢ difference per mile. Spot market rates were elevated throughout 2014 because of the Polar Vortex, but DAT RateView™ data shows that, if you take away the fuel surcharge, the average linehaul rate was actually 9¢ higher in February 2015 than the previous year. Diesel was $2.90 per gallon on average nationally at the end of February, $1.11 cheaper than the previous year. As a result, the average fuel surcharge in February 2015 was down to 29¢ per mile, 11¢ lower than last year. Here are six ways that lower oil prices are changing trucking in 2015: 1. Cost of Doing Business Obviously, the lower the cost of fuel, the less expensive it is to run trucks. Let’s say a truck averages 6 MPG. The lower diesel prices in February meant that carriers on average spent 18.5¢ less per mile on fuel compared to 2014. Fuel prices don’t have a direct effect on IFTA taxes, which are typically assessed at a flat rate per gallon, not a percentage. 2. Shippers Are Coming Back to Truckload Lower fuel costs benefit trucking companies beyond just reducing the business expenses. The congestion on rails led shippers to shift more freight from intermodal rail to trucks during the third quarter of last year. A shift like that hadn’t happened since 2010. Rail capacity is still tight, and intermodal costs are affected less by fluctuations in fuel prices and are more closely tied to fixed costs like terminal
operating expenses. As lower oil prices reduce the cost gap between rail and trucks, some lanes could see more shippers opt for trucks instead of rail in 2015. 3. Shift in Customer Needs With oil prices low, there won’t be as much new drilling in the coming months. That means less oil-industry cargo to move and less competition for drivers from that sector. Lanes like the one from Houston to Bismarck, ND – a thoroughfare of drilling equipment – could be quieter this year. 4. Freedom to Chase “Hot” Markets While changes in the oil industry are shifting freight patterns to other markets, consumer spending for goods and services has grown as a result of declining fuel costs. Using tools like the Hot Market Maps in DAT RateView, Carriers can see where those shifts are happening. Carriers that are less worried about fuel savings are also better able to target their operations based on where the demand for trucks is, since they might be more willing to run lanes that they previously avoided. 5. Downside of Low Fuel Prices The fuel surcharge is part of the carrier’s revenue. There are some advantages when fuel prices fall fast, but fast or slow, that part of the revenue is missing. Contract carriers may raise linehaul rates to compensate, or find other efficiencies that save money to offset the missing surcharge. On the spot market, however, rates tend to adjust based on current market conditions, and most pricing combined line haul and fuel surcharge seamlessly into a one-time rate for each freight move. 6. Upside of 30-Day Terms A steep drop in fuel prices can also give carriers a profitable boost. This is especially true for contract carriers, who are paid a fuel surcharge that varies with prices at the pump. Carriers don’t get paid right away, so when fuel prices drop, the carrier is paid a surcharge based on last month’s fuel price. When fuel prices drop quickly, carrier stays ahead of the falling rate. When fuel prices rise rapidly, the carrier has the opposite problem.
Trucker Charity partners with DAT to offer a special on the TruckersEdge load board. Sign up for TruckersEdge today and get your first 30 days free by signing up at http://www.truckersedge.net/promo133 or entering “promo133” during sign up.
* This offer is available to new TruckersEdge subscribers only
About TruckersEdge®, powered by DAT®
TruckersEdge® Load Board is part of the trusted DAT® Load Board Network. DAT offers more than 68 million live loads and trucks per year. Tens of thousands of loads per day are found first or exclusively on the DAT Network through TruckersEdge.
Note: This article was adapted from DAT’s blog post on www.DAT.com. It was first published in March 2015

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Getting Ready for Christmas


Again this year we are launching the 2014 Trucker Christmas. We are putting an all out Plea for donations to make a Merrier Holiday for more than ever Truckers and their families.

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Find Loads on the Go

By Jorge Sanchez, Product Manager, DAT Solutions
Loads have been plentiful this year, with freight tonnage records set in August and freight volume surging well above expectations in September. From January through August, spot market freight availability as measured by load posts was up by more than 55% year over year, which indicates that a larger proportion of shippers are seeking capacity on the spot market.
With this flurry of load board activity, the best loads don’t stay available for long, so you can’t always wait until you’re in front of a computer to find them. Here are some ways you can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s available while you’re away from your desk or to help you stay loaded while on the move.
Mobile Load Boards
If you subscribe to one of DAT’s Load Board services, you get instant access to loads from your smartphone or tablet at no extra cost. There’s no need to download a separate app. TruckersEdge (truckersedge.net/m), Express (express.dat.com/m), and Power (power.dat.com/m) are all optimized for mobile, meaning you can enjoy unlimited posts and searches on your phone or tablet’s internet browser wherever you have mobile service. From the palm of your hand, you can plan ahead and search for loads wherever they may be, regardless of your current location, and post unlimited trucks in the lanes you run.

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Posted 263 weeks ago

Air Ambulance Service good for Truckers

Bob Hataway President/eChaplain at TransAlive USA

Oct 24 2014
Air Ambulance Service

TransAlive USA works in conjunction with Air Ambulance Card from Birmingham, AL to provide their air service for critical medical issues for drivers and their families.

The Air Ambulance service transports drivers from medical facilities by ground ambulance to local airports. Drivers are placed on an airplane and flown to their destination in a matter of hours as opposed to days with the AmCoach. There they are transported by ground ambulance to a medical facility of their choice.

Medical staff as needed accompany the driver in transit. Extreme emphasis is placed to get the driver to medical facility of choice safe and sound. Family members are allowed to travel as well.

All services are free to members of Air Ambulance Card.

Drivers can call our cell 817-320-0567 – Landline 800-USA-HURT to enroll or they can go online by visiting Air Ambulance Card. Use our code TRANSALIVE for our special discount. Programs are available for individual drivers or family drivers. Call 817-320-0567 for more information.

Bob Hataway, President and Founder of TransAlive, said, “During my forty years serving drivers and their families, I have received requests for air service and could not help. We can now!”

Frequently air travel is the only acceptable means of travel. TransAlive is proud to make this service available to drivers and their families nationwide.

Tell them Trucker Charity sent you…..

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Almost Home

Posted by Truckers Helping on Saturday, August 3, 2013 Under: "Last Ride Home"

Trucker Charity Inc shared Kerry Mullins's status.

July 29.

In 74 miles Raymond will finally be with his family and friends. It's been a wild ride for him but we truly believe it worked out exactly the way he wanted it to. Now of all things one of his best friends just happens to be unloading in Columbia, Mo. At the very highway I was jumping off on. He's sitting at Sam's Club and Sam's Club has offered to switch the flag and sign to his truck. Ingrid and I are blessed and very honored to have been able to get our fallen brother home to his family. It was a team effort and for all those involved.... JOB WELL DONE¹

David Stewart Thanks for all the people who donated money and time. You all are awesome.

Lane Meadows You people are just AWESOME! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

 The Transfer for final leg.

In : "Last Ride Home" 

Almost Home

Posted by Truckers Helping on Saturday, August 3, 2013 Under: "Last Ride Home"

Trucker Charity Inc shared Kerry Mullins's status.

July 29.

In 74 miles Raymond will finally be with his family and friends. It's been a wild ride for him but we truly believe it worked out exactly the way he wanted it to. Now of all things one of his best friends just happens to be unloading in Columbia, Mo. At the very highway I was jumping off on. He's sitting at Sam's Club and Sam's Club has offered to switch the flag and sign to his truck. Ingrid and I are blessed and very honored to have been able to get our fallen brother home to his family. It was a team effort and for all those involved.... JOB WELL DONE¹

David Stewart Thanks for all the people who donated money and time. You all are awesome.

Lane Meadows You people are just AWESOME! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

 The Transfer for final leg.

In : "Last Ride Home" 

Volume VI - Edition II - February 5, 2014 

Scripture describes America today!

Historical background:  In the book of Genesis, Joseph, the son of Jacob who had been sold into slavery in Egypt by his brothers, interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh in Egypt.  Joseph predicted seven y­­ears of rain and seven years of drought.  He recommended that Pharaoh plan for the drought.

In the seven years of drought, Canaan, the home of Jacob, was affected as well.  Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to purchase grain.  The brothers were surprised to find Joseph, their brother, in charge of the grain.

Joseph brought his family to Egypt and provided food for them.  Over time, however, Joseph died and the new Pharaoh did not remember him.

The new Pharaoh was concerned that the Israelites were a foreign people in Egypt, and their numbers were growing.  Pharaoh took the Israelites captive and enslaved them.

To address the numbers, he ordered the midwives to kill the male babies.  In Exodus 1:16, "When you are helping the Hebrew women during childbirth on the delivery stool, if you see that the baby is a boy, kill him; but if it is a girl, let her live."

This is the first recorded instance of gender-based abortions.  It was abortion on demand by Pharaoh and as a matter of convenience for the Egyptians.  The midwives, however, feared God and could not do as ordered but instead reported the Hebrew women were vigorous and gave birth before they arrived.

When abortions did not deter the numbers of the Israelites, Pharaoh ordered all male babies to be thrown in the Nile River.

The Israelites became so oppressed in their slavery and the killing of their children that they cried out to God. They could not help themselves or protect their families.  Only God could help them.

Exodus 2:23-24, "The Israelites groaned in their slavery and cried out, and their cry for help because of their slavery went up to God. God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob."


Is this not where America is today?

Gender-based abortions were prevalent when the people of Israel were slaves in Egypt.  It was the government that ordered the abortions by killing the boy babies.

A type of abortion being practiced in America today is gender-based abortions.  Abortions on demand or for convenience are as gender-based as any reason given for abortions.

And when our government gives people the right to kill babies that is only one step from the government ordering the killing of babies.  To have the right by law to kill is not any different than the government allowing the killing of babies.

Secondly, while America does not consider herself enslaved as in the case enslaved to man, America is enslaved to sin.  Promiscuity is but one example of our slavery to sin.

Same sex marriages; free sex; non Defense of the Marriage Act (DOMA) between a man and a woman; and abortion on demand, gender-based, or convenience; with free contraceptives are all demonstrations of promiscuity.

America has become enslaved to sin through promiscuity.  Enslavement to sex is rampant across America.  The standard of the day is it is OK to engage in sex without thought of consequences and without accountability.

Should pregnancy occur then just have an abortion and kill the baby as a matter of convenience.  Then you can continue again.

The President promotes promiscuity by executive order.  Funding of Planned Parenthood, abortion clinics, free contraceptives, and the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision has killed over 50 million babies without even a whimper of remorse from us.

The slavery and the killing of their children brought the Israelites to recognize that their only solution was to cry out to God.  Exodus 3:9-10, God speaking to Moses, "And now the cry of the Israelites has reached me, and I have seen the way the Egyptians are oppressing them."

The slave masters over Israel were actually Israelites themselves.  Their own people were forcing them into slavery.  Our own people are forcing us into a life of sin with the rule of law.  We have accepted our enslavement to sin as the status-quo.

We want God out - we do not want to offend - we must be tolerant - it is the law of the land - we fear what can be done to us - and some actually agree abortion is OK - IS THIS NOT REASON TO CRY OUT TO GOD?

Will America cry out to God?

We will not see change until we cry out to God.  He will make a way for us out of our enslavement to sin.  Is there another Moses "on the back side of a desert" being prepped to deliver us from bondage?  Is there a person of God who will step up?

Most agree that America is not crying out to God.  We are just accepting the status-quo and hoping for a political change as a solution - NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

Instead of accepting the status-quo - or hoping that a change in the political landscape will be the solution -- WE MUST CRY OUT TO GOD!  The cry could be led by pastors from pulpits across America, or even a politician - BUT remember it must be from us to God.

Are we so oppressed that we need to cry out to God?  I fear our problem - we are not!


God bless...

Bob Hataway/eChaplain


                                                                                                                                     NEW NEWS




BLOG by Virginia Chomo

I have exciting news for the Trucking industry. Being part of Trucker Charity has gotten me even more involved with the trucking world than just being a part of a trucking family. The ones that have really made a huge impact to my heart is being part of our “Last Ride Home” program. Dealing with the unfortunate families that have lost their loved ones out on the road has made me question what is happening to our Drivers. I have been a truck driver; I am third generation of a four generation trucking family, and have gained a multitude of truck driving friends and families of drivers.

To many of our drivers are developing heart disease, vascular disease, breathing problems and other conditions that have been too easy for the general public to blame other things than what I have come to believe is long term exposure or frequent exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning. I have no proof, there are no studies, no data and no one has any sure answers. I have talked to coroners, unless there are clear signs of extreme exposure it is not tested for. Here is the data I have found.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning may include:

Dull headache Weakness Dizziness Nausea Vomiting Shortness of breath Confusion Blurred vision Loss of consciousness

In my research I came across stories like these:

  • Former truck driver might have gotten Carbon Monoxide

  • Posted In: Cardiovascular disease 1,296,120 Replies

  • Posted By: Systor

  • May 12, 2007

  • 11:53 AM

    Hello, I'm a former truck driver, and I was wondering if anyone out there reading this has suffered carbon monoxide poisoning? About 6 years ago, I believe I was poisoned over the course of a summer while driving a rig over the road. In the first three weeks, I developed slurred speech, memory problems, and confusion. I kept driving the same truck for the next three months, but my symptoms didn't worsen. They didn't improve, either, though. Also, I installed a CO detector in the truck during that time. It never went off during that three months. After I got off the truck, I developed severe headaches that were centered in a spot on the top of my head. My short term memory was pretty much non-existent for several months, then gradually got better, altough it's still not 100% six years later. I have circulation problems as well. In cold weather my hands and feet will turn purple, yet they don't ache or turn numb on me.

    Do you see semi trucks mentioned here?

    There are a variety of sources of carbon monoxide poisoning, which include:

    The improper or incomplete burning of natural gas or carbon-based fuels such as propane, gasoline, kerosene, wood, coal, and charcoal.

    Un-vented or improperly vented heaters and furnaces, which lead to an increase in carbon monoxide poisoning cases during the winter months.

    Auto exhausts

    Tobacco smoke

    Faulty chimneys or fireplaces

    Faulty fuel burning gadgets such as space heaters and gasoline engines

    Gas appliances and heaters in small and enclosed spaces

    Faulty central heating systems

    Blockages that can cause improper ventilation in enclosed spaces where fuel is burned (e.g. kitchens, lounges with chimney blockage etc.)

    All of these sources are ones that could be present both in the home and in the workplace. However, there are also some sources that are more occupational and workplace related such as forges, blast furnaces, boiler rooms, breweries, docks, petrol refineries, paper and steel production, and combustion engines. Below you will find a list of those most at risk from or susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning, both occupationally and within the home:

    All the information I found disappointed me and drove the idea to find answers home to me.

    This is what I found out;

    All of the current smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors were for homes, boats, RV’s, and even airplanes. None were for Semi trucks. SO I HAD TO FIND ANSWERS:

  1. I called Honeywell; I was told, “No we can’t tell you any detectors for semis. There are no standards set for them.”

  2. I called RK Instruments, Global Resources and Quantum Group Inc. Same answer; we can’t recommend one because there are no standards set.

  3. I called Honeywell back and finally after a lot of questions and asking who I need to talk to I got one of their technicians in development. I asked him first what did it mean to have a standard for a detector and he told me that a standard is set by UL (Underwriters Laboratories). UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions from the public adoption of electricity to new breakthroughs in sustainability, renewable energy and nanotechnology. Dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments, UL helps safeguard people, products and places in important ways, facilitating trade and providing peace of mind. Then I asked him, how do I get a standard set; he told me it is very difficult, there has to be a manufacturer request one be set and they will only do that if they are assured of a market. I then asked how long all this would take and was told that if I could get it started it could take years.

Well all this was unacceptable. I didn’t want it to get tied up and as so often is the case if you are not a person affiliated with this industry. So I called UL…. That started the exciting journey I have been on. One Feb 24th, I talked to a product specialist. I talked with him and told him what I was after and what was needed and he told me that I needed to talk to the head engineer that developed the standards or smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. I said great. Thinking this would take me forever. I was wrong. I gave me his name, phone number and e mail address. I called him and left a message and had plans to call after a few days. Well to my amazement he called at 7:30 the next morning. We discussed what I was looking for and what we needed. He was very understanding and supportive.

It has been an experience that I will never forget. I was accepted to the STP (Standards Technical Panel) committee that the UL uses to assist them to basically cover all the bases for the certification process. These teams are made up of professional and technical people from different corporations and manufactures and industries all over the United States. I was invited on March 17th and 18th 2014 to Raleigh NC for a meeting and to give a presentation about what I was asking them to do. It had to go before this panel for approval in order to proceed with STP and UL. I of course accepted. I decided to fly there because of the time situation as I was also getting things together to go to Mats in Louisville and driving to both places from Michigan would just be too much for me. I stayed at the Doubletree/Hilton. The place was so beautiful. The meeting was being held in one of their ballrooms. It was a journey getting there. The plane was delayed out of Grand Rapids which knocked my connecting flight out of whack, so they rerouted me through LaGuardia in NY. I finally got to the hotel about midnight, my luggage got there the next morning about noon. I went to the meeting, although a little late, but just in time for lunch which alone was quite a spread. It was quite interesting and informative. I had a name plate and got quite a few questions about who Trucker Charity was. It was nice to see how many were interested. The reason I was there was on the agenda so it helped peak there interest in what I was after. My turn was last on the agenda, per my request. I gave a presentation on the need for these in semis. I started with numbers of semis on the road and drivers. I showed pictures of truck fires and had stories about our “LAST RIDE HOME” and articles on carbon monoxide illnesses and effects. I gave several personal stories that also demonstrated the need. One about my brother that suffered a stroke after prolonged exposure to CO, and one President of Trucker Charity, Inc , Lance Wood, had told me about how his dog had saved his and his wife, Kacie, lives by waking them up to find their truck full of fumes from a neighboring APU unit’s exhaust thus saving their lives. In the end I asked them to please help save our drivers. It was well received, and there were questions and discussion on possible solutions and I told them that I would have a semi truck there afterwards. The certification process has been accepted and has already started. I have been asked to head the task group that will work with UL to get the certification we need to get UL Standards set for affordable Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detectors for Semi Trucks. My son Joseph Shelton showed up, albeit it was an hour and a half after the meeting because of delays of traffic and construction getting there; it let the 12 of them that stayed see for themselves the many obstacles that our people are exposed to. My son is very mechanical capable as well as a driver so all that was interested could see one up close and he went over everything from under the hood to the back, including an APU. There were several UL members, scientific/technical persons, and manufactures that stayed over. All I can say for certain is the testing is proceeding rapidly and several manufactures have shown sincere interest in this project. I will keep you update through this blog as things progress.

This is a huge step in the protection of our Truck Drivers. Not Just in the United States but possibly worldwide.


Diesel Fumes Do Kill: A Case of Fatal Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Directly Attributed to Diesel Fuel Exhaust with a 10-year Retrospective Case and Literature Review*

  1. Sean M. Griffin M.D.1,
  2. Michael K. Ward B.S.2,
  3. Andrea R. Terrell Ph.D.3 and
  4. Donna Stewart M.D.4

Article first published online: 17 JUL 2008

DOI: 10.1111/j.1556-4029.2008.00804.x

Journal of Forensic Sciences

Journal of Forensic Sciences

Volume 53, Issue 5, pages 1206–1211, September 2008

Ralph Wayne Maness       http://www.deberryfuneraldirectors.com/home/index.cfm/obituaries/view/id/2499336

Ralph Wayne Maness

Born: May 26, 1953
Died: April 18, 2014

Ralph Wayne Maness, 60, of Sanger beloved Husband Father Grandfather Brother and Friend passed away on Friday, April 18 in Rochelle, Illinois. Wayne was born on May 26, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois to Ralph and Katherine Maness. He married Taylor George on January 17, 2014 in Denton.

There will be a memorial service held in the Chapel of DeBerry Funeral Directors on Saturday, May 3 at 1 p.m.

Wayne is survived by his wife, Taylor George Maness; daughters, Savannah Maness, Skylar Maness, Harley Maness, and Brandi Bannister and husband Keith; sons, Dakota Maness and Ralph Maness JR; sister, Paula Boyd and husband Charlie; brother, Sherwin Maness and wife Kelly; and 3 grandchildren, Nylah, Riley, and Quinlan. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Ralph Maness Benefit Account at the Prosperity Bank in Sanger, Texas.



 of Christopher Williams has been completed with him being delivered to family and friends in Paragould Arkansas drive safely driver on the big road in the sky RIP

Its the least we can do as brothers and sisters of the road. We will have a truck available to provide this last ride home that this driver and his family deserves. We are happy to provide the Last Ride Home. We ask all to support this trucking family in there time of loss.

Per Vicki Williams  (wife)
"A fellow trucker was found 1/13/2013 on the floor of his truck at loves truck stop in W. Memphis AR. Trucking com...pany did nothing to find him...after 5 hours of doing nothing,fellow trucker jumped in and found him within an hour. The trucking company did nothing to get him home with dignity or anything to help his family. A co-worker made a donation but the wife was left with his final paycheck and mile bonus check to cover expenses...The wife is disabled and raising their special needs grandson....Chris, the driver was only 47...The family left with nothing but facing loss of their home and all their income.....This charity stepped up and provided to this family what the company should have..Bringing this man home to his wife and grandson with dignity...GOD BLESS YOU. ...THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH"
7:28 p.m., Saturday Jan. 18


On Friday the trucking community lost another driver William Charles "Road Runner" Maness below is the information on the visitation and service

The family will receive friends Friday, January 24, 2014 from 1:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Rockwood Baptist Tabernacle; 427 Tedder Street; Rockwood, TN 37854. Memorial services will follow on Friday, January 24, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. from the Rockwood Baptist Tabernacle with Rev. Lewis Capps officiating


Thank you Rose for the incite and drive to help us form who we are here. Now not only will we ask What would Rick do? We will also ask what would Rose do?

Almost Home

Posted by Truckers Helping on Saturday, August 3, 2013 Under: "Last Ride Home"

Trucker Charity Inc shared Kerry Mullins's status.

July 29.

In 74 miles Raymond will finally be with his family and friends. It's been a wild ride for him but we truly believe it worked out exactly the way he wanted it to. Now of all things one of his best friends just happens to be unloading in Columbia, Mo. At the very highway I was jumping off on. He's sitting at Sam's Club and Sam's Club has offered to switch the flag and sign to his truck. Ingrid and I are blessed and very honored to have been able to get our fallen brother home to his family. It was a team effort and for all those involved.... JOB WELL DONE¹

David Stewart Thanks for all the people who donated money and time. You all are awesome.

Lane Meadows You people are just AWESOME! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

 The Transfer for final leg.

In : "Last Ride Home" 


President of Trucker Charity Inc Director of Truckers helping Truckers.