We are a donation based organization. In order to execute our mission we do need your support. Below is a list of the current donation campaigns, please find it in your heart to support and be active in one or more of these campaigns so that we can continue our mission of getting them safe, getting them fed and getting them home. 

To learn how we branched off from just a bunch of truckers helping fellow truckers at Christmas into a full time year round Trucker Charity. go to "About us" and read The Arrow Trucking fiasco.

America's Compassionate Army: Join the Team! 

Volunteer drive. Do you have access to a computer with some down time? Have ideas about fundraising? Want to help your fellow drivers in other ways? Click here and become a volunteer for Trucker Charity.

We are currently raising funds to start a Trucker Scholarship Fund. These funds will be used to help support the Trucking industry by assisting individuals that are determined to make truck driving a career and are having some financial difficulties in making it happen. If they need assistance while going to school with food,  help to pay bills for their home while in school, or in some instances even help with paying for school. We will consider any circumstance and decisions will be made on a case by case basis. We want to help get ones that will benefit the industry and would be a true asset. To do this we are asking for others to donate to our cause to help make this happen. Please donate today.