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Trucker Charity's main focus is on getting drivers safe, get them fed, and get them home when they find themselves stranded on the by ways and highways of our great nation. We do sometimes help in other areas when funds allow. If we are not able to help you in your situation we try diligently to communicate this to you by email and at the same time point you in a direction where you may find the help you are seeking.

 The following form is required to help us with record keeping and compliance with IRS rules, the more detailed your information is the better we may serve you. By details we mean the what, why, who, when of your situation.

 We will also need a copy of your drivers license faxed to us at 1-866-929-9627.

Client Information

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Applicant's Information

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Other Information

Please fax a copy of the driver's license to 


e-mail copy to

For Identification Purpose only.

All information is confidential.

Client's situation or need

Please tell us why the applicant needs assistance. Please be as descriptive as possible, the more information we have the better we will be able to help. 

 PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT HELP WITH MEDICAL RELATED PROBLEMS. IE workmans comp, medical bills, hospital issues.  

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By clicking submit you attest that all entries are true and correct. If at anytime during our investigation we find circumstances that are not 100% true and correct as entered on this application it could mean automatic refusal of your application.


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