Summerfield Illinois – – on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Trucker Charity, Inc. announced  a new membership program that we have been working very hard on. This new program we feel will be a great benefit not only to help us continue our missions but provide a much needed service for the transportation industry.

This is a unique program that will help us continue our mission by:

A. Acting as a clearinghouse of emergency information for doctors and/or first responders through an options on our toll-free number.

B. By providing “PRETRIP TO THE AFTERLIFE” planning.

1. State specific Last will and testament

2. State specific Living will

3. State specific Durable power of attorney

C. A specially designed membership card that will offer an attached key tag which will allow first responders to call and get emergency contact information like allergies,  contact phone numbers, preferences like life support is not desired or is desired, medications being taken, doctors name and phone number, what conditions you have and so on. A vinyl vehicle decal that lets people know you are a member of Trucker Charity Inc. with an emergency contact number and a custom member patch.

D. in the event of a driver passing away we will be able to assist the family with information about documentation they may not be aware of such as additional insurances, whether they have a will, other memberships or organizational affiliations, and any additional services the driver may be entitled to.

In the course of providing our mission, we have listened to many stories from drivers and their families as to unfortunate circumstances they have had to deal with while doing their job away from home. In providing the Last ride home we have seen numerous times where there is a lack of preparation. We have been thinking for some time of a program we like to call “Pretrip to the Afterlife”. In developing this program it has led us to go even further into developing this membership program.

This program could help with emergency situations by offering a clearinghouse of information that can be used by first responders in case of illness, injury or even death. After identification of the caller and with the members name or member number, our member software we will be able to, in a matter of minutes, provide them with an emergency contact and/or some health information that could expedite medical treatment. All information given us is strictly confidential and not used for any other purpose.

A driver from Portland Oregon is in Macon Georgia at his receiver. While walking back to his truck after getting his paperwork he collapses next to his truck. 911 is called, and 1st responders arrive while the driver still unconscious. They are unable to revive him immediately. They look for his wallet for identification but are unable to find it. But they notice on his keys is a tag from Trucker Charity Inc. that states in case of emergency call 888-523-0087 along with his name and blood type. Already they have more information than in normal circumstances. They call our number, give us his name and membership number and within minutes we can give them information given to us by the driver as to any health issues he may have. This is only one of the reasons we have worked so diligently in developing this program.

Our members, through our new affiliation with US Legal Forms, will be offered the ability to get a state specific Will, Living Will, and Durable Power Of Attorney. These will be of no additional cost to our members and a savings of $49.95. They will also have access to customer service that can help them with any questions they may have in creating these documents. If they desire to purchase any additional legal forms at the time of redeeming their member code they will receive a 20% discount. Our affiliation with US Legal Forms does not end there. Our new affiliation allows us the ability to provide hundreds of legal forms anybody might need. They have graciously agreed that any additional forms purchased through our website we will get a portion of the proceeds.

Along with their membership cards and key tags we will be giving our members a specially designed vinyl for their vehicle in an iron on patch. The vinyl will be high quality and will not fade or discolor it also let’s anyone know in the event of an emergency to call Trucker Charity Inc. The patch is an item that can be displayed to proudly show their support. In addition we will be offering a new patch design every year and these will be announced at Mid-America Trucking Show every year.

Now for the final News. THE COST.

Corporate pricing available

Membership is normally $35.00/Annually with the show discount that comes to only $25 

When you sign up with your spouse or significant other it is only $55 for both of you to join.

Membership will not only help us to maintain and grow our ability to continue our mission, we feel it will enable us to be of even greater service to the transportation industry.

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