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It’s almost midnight, and I’ve been trying to finish this new song I’m working on for what seems like days. When I sat down with my guitar in my hand a little over 4 hours ago, I really thought it would be a quick write. I had the idea, I had the music, had the beginning guitar riffs, had the perfect ending, and then I realized there was a big hole in the middle where the rest of the song ought to go. It started great, first couple lines, and I was sure this was going to be a smash hit song. You see back when I first started writing music several years ago, a couple of music legends that I used to tour with and play guitar for told me that for a song to be great it had to draw from personal experience, It had to reach into the listeners very being and grab them. They also told me that every break-up is worth a couple hundred thousand dollars to a songwriter in the form of material for the songs. Well with the luck I have with relationships, then I guess I must be the richest man in the world, I just haven’t been able to cash it in yet. But back to the song. I was on a roll, I was writing a song that could reach in and grab that listener, but unfortunately after the first couple of lines or so, it let go. Now I’m back to square one, with some really great guitar parts and music and a big empty page of words. Kind of like a painter with an empty canvas, all I got to do is put the picture on it. Unluckily for me this evening this painter has run out of paint. Maybe it was all the distractions. Let’s see there was the dog barking, and the neighbor yelling, and the T.V blasting, and the phone ringing, and the kids crying, and doors slamming, and the roof leaking, and wind blowing, and the washing making that real funny screeching noise. But all those things should have been the perfect inspiration for a great country song. And it would have been great, and when I finish it, it will be great. Don’t get me wrong, I have written several great songs, and they are all my favorites, and whenever I’m ask which one of my songs I like the best, I always reply with “The next one I write. That will be my favorite until I write another one.” And this would have been no different. It would have been my favorite for today. But like all great writers, today I have developed the dreaded writers block. So the only thing to do is to walk away from it and pick it back up at a later date. Who knows, by tomorrow I may keep the music and go off in a different direction on the words. I have done that a time or two and actually written a much better song. Maybe I’ll keep the title….It’s a serious love song called “Get Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth Cause I’m Kissing You Goodbye….”

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Terry Wooley Born on a small family farm in central Kentucky to hard working God fearing parents, Terry learned the meaning of responsibility at a very early age. While most of his schoolmates were playing and having fun, Terry was busy tending to the crops and cattle and polishing his guitar and songwriting talents. With the nearest neighbor almost a mile away and very few friends to pass the time with, he spent most of his spare time perfecting his craft, always dreaming of creating music. At the ripe old age of 8, he persuaded his parents to allow him to enter a local talent contest. They agreed and Terry walked away with all the hardware, performing a solo with only himself and a guitar almost as big as he was. A few years passed and he decided to set out and make his mark in the music world, traveling all over the world fronting and playing guitar for many legends and current and future superstars, and in 1982 became one of the few acts chosen to perform the entire run of the World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. Terry’s guitar playing always left him in great demand as a session player, and traveling musician, playing on countless albums and road shows. Known as one of the most prolific songwriters to ever pick up a pen, his songs have always been highly sought after by major stars and beginning artist alike. Well respected and admired by musicians and entertainers the world over, he has branched out into other areas of the entertainment business. Terry founded One BAR Records, an independent label to help further the careers of young artist, Lexie Rae Music, a publishing company to handle the many songs he has written, and Flip Flop Productions, a production company to produce young talent and help guide them along the path to stardom. His greatest passion has always been writing, producing and creating music that he feels will last for many years. With all of his many accomplishments and awards, Terry has somehow managed to remain in the background. However with his uncanny writing ability, his unequaled vocal talent, and his superb musicianship, he is quickly being pulled into the limelight. With the release of his critically acclaimed gospel album “SOLID GROUND” and his tribute album "ANY GIVEN DAY" and his tribute album to truck drivers "HIGHWAY FEVER" it is unlikely he will be able to stay out of the spotlight for long. Terry was honored to be able to write some music and lyrics for The World Global Peace Concert. With all of his many awards and accomplishments Terry still remains an unassuming man who is thankful and grateful for all that he has and all that has been given to him. “ I give the Lord all the credit and all the thanks” says Terry. And blessed he has been as many of today’s jingles, commercials, popular music and hit songs are influenced by the creative genius of the one and only Terry Wooley. Terry Wooley

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