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I have decided to write a letter to postmaster general in Washington D.C., and request another postal carrier to deliver my mail. It is not I dislike the carrier that I have, and it is not that they have done anything physically, emotionally, or personally to me, it is simply that they don’t know how to deliver anything to my mailbox other than BILLS.

Every day when I retrieve my mail, there are handfuls of past due notices, collection notices, disconnect notices, well you get the picture, of all the notices, but never do I receive anything that says anything, other than PAST DUE.

Don’t these people realize that if I had the money to pay them when they were due I would already paid them, and saved myself and them several trips to the post office or the mail box.

Now those people that send those notices have really gone to far, because not only do they send me 100’s of notices, they have started taking several hours of my very important schedule in the day to call me on the telephone to remind me that I owe them money.

I may not be an elephant but I don’t forget everything, and while on the phone just the yesterday, I was ask by an non English speaking person, if I had forgotten to mail in my payment, on the balance of my credit card. And after several minutes of trying to understand this individual and having them trying to understand me, I finally said, “Please do me a favor, and do not send me another statement, or letter, but please take the money you have spent on the postage and apply it to my account, simply because if we do this with as many letters as you send me a day, by the end of the month you will owe ME money.

They really didn’t know how to respond, but I’m guessing that if I understood the foreign language they were speaking, it might have made me blush. I’m not sure what they said, but they said it very loudly, and it didn’t sound very nice.

Now this all comes back around to my first idea of the mail carrier. If they were to not constantly deliver these notices of delinquencies that I daily receive, I would have a much better attitude, I would be a lot more beneficial to society, and I wouldn’t constantly have to make the trips to the mailbox, which could eventually cause me to become over exerted, and die from the exhaustion of carrying these huge piles of paper back inside.

Not only would it possibly save my life by not having to exert myself, it could save the life of many trees that had to be sacrificed to make the paper to print those bills, and all the ink that has to be used to write out the huge numbers on them, not to mention the man hours wasted trying to track me down.

It could be possible they are trying to guilt me into paying them on time by making me think I am single handedly responsible for the national debt from the money spent to collect the small amount I owe.

It is not my fault that I owe money, and it is not my fault that sometimes the bills don’t quite get paid on time, it is not my fault that the only people hired as collection, or customer service folks are non English speaking people, and I know this because the person that calls me to collect is the very same individual that I talk to when I call if I have a problem, and not just the same nationality, but the very same person. So instead of being my fault, I am the solution to the problem. If I paid these bills on time, no one would have a job.

So instead of calling me the next time to scream and holler and try and collect money, you need to call and thank me that you are employed. But since I know that will never happen, I am still requesting a new mail carrier simply because all new carriers take at least a month to learn the route, and for at least a month, maybe we can all get some rest..

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