Trucker Charity is a great way to provide assistance to you, while on the road, in case of EMERGENCY.

                                                                                                      Unfortunately we CANNOT help with expenses or bills.

                                                         Our mission is to help people in the Transportation industry GET HOME, GET A MEAL, GET A SAFE PLACE TO WAIT.

DRIVERS and those that read this page PLEASE use Sanitizer often and with abundance. It is a cheap price to pay for the health and well being of family and those you come into contact with. Please try to keep at least 6ft. between you and others even if you seem to be rude.

REMEMBER, wipe down the steering wheel every time when you get into the truck and do not touch your face with your hands. That is the hardest thing for me as my nose is always itching. I have managed not to touch my face for several days now. If I can you can and we will both be safer and so will our families. How much effort are you willing to put into keeping your family healthy/healthier.

                                          As always we at Trucker Charity are proud to partner with the nice folks at Truckers Edge. Anyone wishing to try the DAT load board

                                          FREE for 30 days may go to to sign up.

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